Our Mission is simple.

Bring affordable, effective, and meaningful solutions to small and medium sized organizations to help them fix their people issues. 

With more than 30 years experience and key partnerships with leading providers in the Talent Management business we bring proven tools and practices to our clients. Since 2010, we have helped organizations with issues like turnover, sales, productivity, hiring, employee relations, team building, executive and leadership development, supervisor development, succession planning, strategic planning and more. As a result, Carolina Training & Assessments has become a leading choice for Talent Management Solutions in the Carolinas and across the U.S.


Turnover issues are typically a symptom of several potential causes including ineffective hiring techniques, ineffective leaders, and poor job fit. We work with our clients to piece together the puzzle of data and identify the best solution. Often, it becomes a combination of pre-hire assessments or skills testing, training on hiring techniques, and training supervisors, managers, or senior leaders on developing the skills to create a productive and motivating environment.
Job Performance is related to three key areas: understanding expectations, creating appropriate monitoring programs, and providing effective and meaningful feedback. When an employee does not perform to expectations, there are three primary potential causes: unclear expectations, incapability, or lack of motivation. Many organizations neither set clear expectations nor accurately measure capability and motivation.

We help our clients understand that employee performance is more than just skills and experience and we help them measure those nuances in a way that produces results.
Organizations are losing leaders to retirement at an alarming rate and with those leaders goes a vast amount of knowledge and experience. Many companies create "succession plans" that focus efforts on replacing the knowledge and experience but they overlook a person's ability to lead and manage. Outstanding employees are often promoted to manager positions because of great performance in a non-manager role only to find themselves in a "tailspin" in their new job. An incomplete succession plan, in this common scenario, is often the catalyst for the employee's failure. 

Management positions have different requirements for skills and behaviors; often, organizations neglect that fact and position an employee for failure.

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