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Workplace Assessment

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Everything DiSC Workplace® assessments help your organization cultivate
more effective workplace relationships to drive teamwork, collaboration, and productivity.

 Personalized and Data-Driven

Each of us is a blend of the four DiSC styles but one Style tends to predominate our view of people and situations. The Everything DiSC Workplace® assessment helps employees better understand how their Style impacts motivation, stressors, and overall communication.

That understanding is the starting point to better relationships.  Because we empower your employees to develop themselves with clear, actionable strategies drawn from their unique workplace profile, they have the greatest opportunity to engage each other more effectively.  

Build a Culture of Collaboration

The Everything DiSC Workplace® assessment provides your employees with:

  • Their Individual Working Style
  • A greater understanding of situations that motivate them and drain their energy to better engage them and provide critical insights to their managers
  • A greater understanding of how to align their personal priorities with success on the job
  • Personalized tools and strategies to build more effective and rewarding relationships with co-workers

Together, these skills will help you build a culture of collaboration and teamwork throughout your organization.

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To protect our employees, facilitators, and clients, we have made changes to our operating procedures:
1. All training and facilitation sessions have been reconfigured for virtual delivery.
2. In-person training and facilitation continues with the following changes:

  • Person-to-person activities have been reconfigured to allow for CDC-recommended distancing between participants.
  • Venue configuration must allow for our facilitators to maintain a 6-foot minimum separation from the nearest participant.
  • Facilitators will have hand sanitizer and protective gloves available during sessions.
  • Materials will be sanitized and/or sequestered for a minimum of 72 hours prior to each session.
  • Facilitators will sanitize their hands and/or wear protective gloves prior to distributing materials at each session.
  • Reusable materials must be returned to provided bins so they can be sanitized.

3. One-to-one leadership coaching services will be provided via web or phone conferencing unless face coverings are worn by both the coach and leader.

We believe these changes will enhance the safety, comfort, and learning impact of our clients while providing a reduced risk for everyone involved.