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Our Leadership Academy is designed to give you the flexibility to focus your
training efforts exactly where you need them in your organization. We have
developed a multi-tier program that helps leaders and supervisors whether
they are new to their position or in a senior organizational role.

Leadership Training Modules

Our Modules (see below) are a highly-interactive, fun, and effective learning environment providing tools, knowledge, and skills in the most critical and highly-sought topics that all organizations need. Don’t see exactly what you need? We can customize and tailor content for you!

  • Module 1: The Fundamentals of Leadership
  • Module 2: Building Workplace Relationships
  • Module 3: Setting Goals and Expectations
  • Module 4: Providing Effective Feedback
  • Module 5: Productive Conflict
  • Module 6: Situational Leadership and Managing Your Team
  • Module 7: Agile EQ – Emotional Intelligence
  • Module 8: The Hiring Process
  • Module 9: Effective Performance Review
  • Module 10: Vision, Alignment, and Execution

Leadership Academy

Our Leadership Modules are rooted in the understanding that leadership is a relationship. And it is through that relationship that a leader can execute on a plan that delivers results, engages people, and creates an environment of inclusion, innovation, and success. We use a highly interactive and challenging approach to help participants get a greater understanding of the critical aspects of leadership and go beyond theory and cliché to bring a new perspective and more effective use of the material. Each participant will be given takeaway activities for each Module to reinforce learning as well as follow up web sessions where you can ask follow up questions or discuss difficult situations. Contact us for complete details or to start customize your leadership training today!

Here is what participants in our sessions say:

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