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Our Leadership Academy is designed to give you the flexibility to focus your
training efforts exactly where you need them in your organization. We have
developed a multi-tier program that helps leaders and supervisors whether
they are new to their position or in a senior organizational role.

Leadership Training Modules

Our Modules (see below) are a highly-interactive, fun, and effective learning environment providing tools, knowledge, and skills in the most critical and highly-sought topics that all organizations need. Don’t see exactly what you need? We can customize and tailor content for you!

  • Module 1: The Fundamentals of Leadership
  • Module 2: Building Workplace Relationships
  • Module 3: Setting Goals and Expectations
  • Module 4: Providing Effective Feedback
  • Module 5: Productive Conflict
  • Module 6: Situational Leadership and Managing Your Team
  • Module 7: Agile EQ – Emotional Intelligence
  • Module 8: The Hiring Process
  • Module 9: Accountability and the Performance Review
  • Module 10: Vision, Alignment, and Execution

Leadership Academy

Our Leadership Modules are rooted in the understanding that leadership is a relationship. And it is through that relationship that a leader can execute on a plan that delivers results, engages people, and creates an environment of inclusion, innovation, and success. We use a highly interactive and challenging approach to help participants get a greater understanding of the critical aspects of leadership and go beyond theory and cliché to bring a new perspective and more effective use of the material. Each participant will be given takeaway activities for each Module to reinforce learning as well as follow up web sessions where you can ask follow up questions or discuss difficult situations. Contact us for complete details or to start customize your leadership training today!

Here is what participants in our sessions say:

Manager, Electrolux - 8/6/2020

“I most enjoyed the discussion on Culture– people talk about culture all the time but it’s always super vague. Jim did a great job providing a framework and visual!”

Director, Sherman College of Chiropractic - 7/11/2020

“I brought a computer my first day. I thought if the program was boring or irrelevant, I would be able to make productive use of my time. After the first session, I never brought a computer. I was engaged.”

Dean, Sherman College of Chiropractic - 7/11/2020

“I found all of the sessions insightful and their presentation highly effective. I recognize that you likely had to adjust your approach somewhat because of the current public health situation, and I don’t know how much that changed the experience, but for what it’s worth I felt like there was still a strong balance of activities, discussion, videos, and direct content delivery. It never felt like anything was lacking because we needed to maintain a distance from one another.”

Manager, House of Raeford – 03/27/2020

“Instructor was always prepared and shared the subject matter with such enthusiasm that everyone wanted to learn. This program will definitely enhance my leadership skills.”

Senior Leader at AHT Cooling – 1/16/2020

“The training was outstanding. I have been a Manager/Supervisor for the better part of 25 years and, as you can imagine, I’ve attended numerous trainings and it’s always the instructor who plays the biggest part for me.
Without hesitation you are one of the best presenters/instructors I have had over the years. Your delivery is outstanding.”

Supervisor at Bimbo Bakeries - 11/5/2019

“This training was very enlightening and eye-opening. It was very helpful showing my weaknesses, strengths, and opportunities. It gave me the proper tools to be a better leader and team member. Also, it gave me tools to better handle negative situations and improve the way I communicate in those situations. I would definitely recommend the training to anyone that’s in a leadership position. Very good training!”

Manager at Fisher Tank - 9/17/2019

“Jim Fadell is excellent at what he does, I would highly recommend his courses to anyone looking for leadership classes. I have made several comments to the president of our company that Jim is worth EVERY dime.”

Supervisor at Crescent Dairy - 8/23/2019

“Jim was amazing. His engaging style combined with his lighthearted and understanding personality was really appreciated. We will forever quote WWJD – “What Would Jim Do”!”

Supervisor at MTU - 7/2/2019

“We have wanted this training for a while and it was much better than I hoped. Jim is excellent and maybe the best trainer I have ever seen.”

Supervisor at Hitachi - 5/1/2019

“Jim was an EXCELLENT instructor. He kept the material fresh and interesting. By far the BEST outside or inside training I have ever had. Money well spent. Information I can look back on time and time again to be a better leader/manager.”

Healthcare Provider at Regenesis Healthcare - 4/3/2019

“The facilitator was amazing. He held the attention of the group… it is truly amazing how “on point” the assessment is in its revelation of our specific and near exact personalities.”

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