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What is the PXT Select™ Assessment?

Organizational success begins with matching talent to opportunity. Whether you’re searching for your next hire, succession planning, or engaging your workforce, PXT Select ™ is here to help.

This powerful tool is designed to connect business strategy to talent strategy to drive results by aligning people to roles based on the traits most important to perform successfully. And, PXT Select is validated for PRE-HIRE use!

The PXT Select Difference

Simple: A simple solution trusted by thousands of organizations worldwide to help them find the right people for the right roles, at any point of the employee lifecycle.

Human: Through the use of innovative adaptive testing we offer a personalized assessment experience, and a personalized interview experience tailored to each candidate.

Smart: Built on 20+ years of research and rigorous validation, prioritizing quality with scientific data.

Trusted Partnership: At Carolina Training and Assessments, we provide organizations like yours with expert knowledge and experience implementing solutions that drive business results.

Powered by Wiley: PXT Select is fueled by over 40 years of assessment-backed expertise and 200 years of publishing excellence.

The Benefits of PXT Select

PXT Select™ helps you match talent with opportunity, so you have greater confidence you’re making the best choice – whether for new hires or existing employees in career development.

The Suite of PXT Select Reports – all included

Comprehensive Selection Report: Compares a single individual against the performance model for a given job, and determines how well suited they may be for it.

Leadership Report: Offers insight into a candidate’s leadership potential and their approach to meeting challenges. It features their potential leadership strengths and challenges, as well as customized interviewing questions.

Sales: Comprehensive Report: Provides the same benefit as the Comprehensive Selection report, but with a focus on sales positions to help clients select the right sales people for their sales team.

Multiple Candidates Report: Compares multiple candidates for a single position on one document, so clients can choose the candidate who may be the best fit for the role.

Multiple Positions Report: Allows hiring managers to compare a candidate against other open positions to identify the best fit—even for jobs they didn’t apply for. A great tool for when you are hiring for multiple positions and need flexibility in how to move potential candidates around.

Coaching Report: Contains an individual’s assessment results as well as coaching tips about how they may approach different aspects of their role.

Sales Coaching Report: Provides the same benefit as the Coaching report, but with a focus on sales positions. It uses sales-related language throughout the report.

Manager-Employee Report: Compares an individual’s results with those of his manager. Enables Managers to start off on the right foot with new employees, building a more effective relationship with them.

Individual’s Feedback Report: Created with the candidate in mind, this report is great tool for onboarding employees to a new role so they gain greater awareness of how their natural tendencies may play out in their job. It includes a rich narrative that explains provides personalized interpretation of their results.

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