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Your salespeople are nearly everyone’s first impression of the company — if
they can’t align with a lead’s priorities and communicate effectively, that
customer could be lost forever. On the other hand, what if everyone on
your sales team was prepared with an individual DiSC Sales® Profile?
What if every lead felt uniquely understood, supported, and informed?
That’s how you convert leads into lifetime customers.

Personalized DiSC Sales Profiles

The Everything DiSC Sales Profile is a variation of the core DiSC Assessment system that focuses on to what drives sales: effective communication. Your sales staff will receive a complete breakdown of their personal DiSC style, how that affects their sales strategies, and how to read customer Styles to connect with them more effectively.

Build Customer Relationships Faster with DiSC Sales®Profiles

Every salesperson on your team will also receive a guide to identifying customer buying styles and priorities within the DiSC system. This empowers them to build rapid rapport, anticipate the customer’s needs, and communicate benefits in the most effective way possible.

  • Train your staff to rapidly identify a customer’s real priorities.
  • Align product offerings “on the fly” based on a buyer’s DiSC profile.
  • Close more deals, more efficiently, with happier customers.

Arm your sales team with these clear, actionable communication strategies and growth will follow.

Find Hidden Strengths with DiSC Assessments

What are your individual strengths, and how can you most effectively leverage them for success?

Everything DiSC Sales® Profiles help identify what aspects of your DiSC style are most effective at driving sales, helping people succeed where “one script fits all” approaches fail.

Provide Individualized Sales Coaching & Development

There is no perfect DiSC profile for sales personnel. No single system can coach everyone who follows it to peak performance.  What the DiSC Sales Profile does is much more meaningful: help people understand their strengths and develop concrete strategies to overcome their challenges.

Grow Sales & Relationships with DiSC Sales Training

Taking the DiSC Assessment is easy — and the results will transform your business. Contact Carolina Training and Assessments today to learn more about how we can help your sales teams soar!



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