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Conflict is inevitable. Why not turn it into an engine of productivity and

Productive Conflict Resolution®

Everything DiSC Productive Conflict helps build self-awareness around conflict behaviors, improving relationships and driving results.

Conflict Assessment Principles

Productive Conflict is built around five cornerstone principles:

  1. Conflict is inevitable, but can be productive.
  2. Conflict is often complicated by external factors.
  3. We can control our own responses to conflict.
  4. We can’t control others, but we can understand their behavior.
  5. Understanding ourselves and others can makes conflict productive.

Understanding Our Responses to Conflict

Each of us responds to conflict differently, and what escalates one person’s stress may be the most significant aspect of the conflict to another. This is how disagreements spiral out of control. By analyzing your DiSC profile, we can help understand what drives you in conflict situations and develop the tools to take control.

Automatic Thoughts and Destructive Behaviors

When we are faced with a conflict situation, instinct demands we respond now. This can trap us in reflexive patterns of thought and the destructive behaviors that follow.  With Everything DiSC Productive Conflict, we help you recognize and interrupt these destructive patterns with clear techniques for de-escalating and resolving disputes. By understanding how we behave in conflict situations, and why, we can re-train ourselves to more productive styles of conflict.

Relating to Others in Conflict Situations

We can’t control other people, but we can work to understand them. Learning how other DiSC styles view your disagreements is an important step to cultivating productive conflict.

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